Monday, October 18, 2010

What I Love About Fall

One of my Favorite Times of the Year is Right Now October! If you know me personally you are going huh? It's not Christmas or her B day???? She can't go to the beach? It's not Showtime? Nope It's fall! I love fall! And there are many reasons why! I am sure I am not alone! Here are some of the reasons I love fall

Pumpkin Flavored Everything *However I do not like actual pumpkin pie
the crispness in the air-yay u can actually breathe again!
Fall TV Shows
Fall Trend Show at Nordys (this weekend baby!)
Dark colors on the Nails
Sweaters and Hoodies
Flannels from Tarjay
Sephora Friends and Family Sale
Halloween Dress up for the kiddies
13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family Channel
Phillies in the Fall Classic!!!!!!

What do you like about fall?? - Dancing with the Stars - Vote - Dancing with the Stars - Vote

Support your fav stars and VOTE!!!!
Who are you all loving this season? My favs are Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey! I vote for the both each week!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's the Simple Things

It's too often that I get swept up in everything that I have going on with dance and work and life that I forget what its like to just "be a kid" and while I may no longer be a kid in age I am one at heart and I have 2 beautiful nieces here every day to remind me to stay young and positive! I love you Sara and Leah thank you for loving your La La
Sara "Bear" my Dancing Queen

Leah "Lady Bug" My Lil Bayboo

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder with Real Cocoa by Too Faced$28.00

Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder with Real Cocoa by Too Faced

So I just watched this You Tube video where someone got this bronzer in a kit that was half illuminator and half this and when she said it actaully smelled like chocolate cause there is real cocoa in the product I was like um I need to see and smell this NOW! The kit she had is not aviable anymore but I guess this is in the reg line (Perm?) I think this may be a purchase for me in the near future for a few reason...1. CHOCOLATE...(need I go on...) 2. It's matte and I have a bronzer that I like that is matte from NYC but my other fav bronzer from NYX has shimmer in it and is no longer gonna work in the winter months (my HG bronzer is Laguna from Nars so it's either repurchase that right now ow this) and 3. the girl that tried it demo'ed on screen and she is very pale and she had no orangeness and it gave a great contour! Things I am totally into! So TooFaced I am comin for ya!

Alex and Ani Eco-Friendly Jewelry at FREE shipping both ways on US orders. NO tax.

Alex and Ani Eco-Friendly Jewelry at FREE shipping both ways on US orders. NO tax.

I have been on the hunt for Alex and Ani expandable wire bangles since I saw one in my youtube friends vid. I thought I would have to wait til I got to the city (NYC that is) to go to their store but I found they have a website and zeeberry sells them too! I already got my astrological sign and I want more!!!!

Natural Eye Kit ($73 value) by Too Faced$35.00

Natural Eye Kit ($73 value) by Too Faced

This kit is totally gorg and totally me! I tried it at Ulta and the shadows were soft and pigmented! I didn't purchase it because I do have the Naked Palette and didn't want to spend close to 40 bucks on yet another nude eye kit but I am soooo tempted and if nothing else it's going on my holiday wish list

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wet n Wild Color Icon Shadows Review

***Photo Above from the Wet n Wild Site Tonight I was browsing around my local Walgreens, disappointed that I missed the BOGO sale on my fav Yes to Tomatoes line and I found what I think will be a gem in my every and always explanding make-up collection.... The Color Icon Single Shadows from Wet n Wild.....

Now I bet you are going...."Wet n Wild??? Isn't that the chepo brand we all use to buy when we were in like 6th grade....with garrish colors and frosty pink lipglosses?" No my friends I believe Wet n Wild has finally come up to trend on some things and these eye shadows being top....

A youtuber named Gina I know has reviews some quads from WnW before but I hve yet to see these make a debut....(note to self do a vid) I purchased the colors "Nutty" and "Brulee"....Nutty is a shimmer sand shade with purple and pink undertones, very beautiful and somewhat unique, I personally have nothing like what this shade swatched out as and I do own the Naked Palette and several MAC and misc shadows....It's major major gorg and I cannot wait to wear it on my eyes I think it will look beautiful on all eye colors and skin tones it's not glittery at all just has a gleam to it. Brulee is a soft cream color close to MAC's vanilla but maybe more pink or peach then again that could just be my skin, similar but not the same as UD's Virgin too it's a great highlight  brown bone or all over color to neutralize eyes. Both were $1.99 a piece and the packaging is really nice! Way to step it up Wet n Wild!!!! I will go back for more.

Their website is:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spell Cosmetics

Vital Radiance Soft Dimension Powder Blush, Pink Radiance 002, 0.3 oz
Spell Cosmetics is going out of the business of selling to the public! The last days to buy online is this week I believe Oct 10th! Get the word out! Major discounts