Saturday, July 31, 2010


Tonight is NOT my night!

1. I had plans with a friend tomorrow and she text me to say "Sorry Can't Hang now, got a last min invite to the shore for the day by my cousin".....while I think it's fun to go to the shore and all to which I have not even been in over a yr I find it VERY RUDE to do that to someone you have been friends with since the first grade! I will get over it as you know I dont hold grudges but this person has done this before, Obvious it's something I over look as we are still great friends but for some reason tonight I was really hurt!

2.  I was online doing some browsing and shopping on ebay and I ran into the rudest seller ever! "ladygaga4056" is their name! SHE/HE IS RUDE!!! The seller had a MAC Hello Kitty bag that they said was from the online exculsive which btw I was skeptical of it's authenticity, anyways  it was starting at 50.00 they had no bids the sale is about to close so I emailed them and said I would love to buy the bag if they ever planned on putting it up again somewhere in the 20.00 range (as i thought it be a cute gift for my niece), well the email response I got back was " buy your bags at walmart yo, this is MAC and it's expensive S**T!" 
CAN U BELIVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Truely a BUYER BEWARE!!! There is alot of nasty people out there  which makes me again jaded from buying from people online! Which i love to do but this person was like a wake up call!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
eBay Essential Training

Online Beauty Shopping Frenzy!

OMG I am outta control! Over like the last 24 hrs I have ordered so many Beauty items online I think I hear my debit card crying from overuse!!!!

MAC Limited Edition Plush Hello Kitty DollI ordered  I believe 3 items off of Ebay so far and I have many auctions that I am still in or watching. One was a White MAC eyeshadow from the Hello Kitty Collection of last yr, called Gesso that I wanted badly and I got a good deal on, A MAC frost lipstick in Eden Rocks, and a 12 color MAC palette in the Hello Kitty packaging.

Then after watching many, many, many a review and rave on Youtube I went to Cherry Culture and purchsed a few products from in truth this is a beauty brand that I was introduced to thru a dance convention make-up art class and I have been using the Jumbo White eye crayon as a staple in my stage make-up kit and its great to lift the brows reguarlly as a highlight! But on youtube the gurus were raving left and right about the new bronzer in "Daydream of Ohau "so I got that, and I got 3 glitter loose pigments that were like 1.00 a piece to try out I got them in: True Purple which is a light color, another complimently "Lilac "color and a color called "Mink" which looks like a cross between a mocha and Blonde's Gold (from MAC) so we shall see. I also got the angled eyeliner brush cause i wanted a new one and it was not too expensive, and I also purchased "The Caribbean 5 color Eyeshadow Palette" in the colors "I Dream of Barbados"....from what I am told their colors are very highly pigment and I should be very happy....Can't wait to see! *Note there is a shipping delay at this time due to a warehouse back-up so my order will not ship out till after Aug 4th but that's not too far away and they gave 10% off for that. So check out the site it's awesome!!!!
I am going to show u the Eyepencil/Crayon I have below it's a fav on youtube and it's a fav in our dance kits!!!
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner 604 MilkIt's around 3 dollars max but I have seen it at Ulta and stores of the like even discounted further! Trust me Every dancer/dance teacher should have this in their kit! And every beauty girl should use this on her highlight!!!

The other things I have purchased are actually for my nieces. I shopped at Kenzie Bandz on their Facebook Sale and got the girls a few treats at highly discounted prices, check them out for adorable girly girl headbands and tu tu's! The other site I ordered from which I heard about thu my Facebook wasKealeysBoutique she has adorable handmade clothing items which are fabulous for special occassions, just because or pageants! I am really excited to get the things I ordered for my girlies, especially the B day outfit for my 1 yr old niece!!! She customizes!!! Check it out

Well that's all for now!!! I am gonna give it a rest for a while til my other ebay auctions finish and I will share a Haul vid on youtube when I am done!!!
Til then

Thursday, July 29, 2010

GlitzyGlam and Glamour Doll Hauls


Today I got in a box from Gitzy-Glam and in it contained some goodies I ordered after numberous hrs consumed watching Elle and Blair on youtube and seeing their cutie products!h !! I got the Tumbler with my inital on it, I got a small make up bag in lime green with hot pink writing and I got a spa wrap headband in the chocolate brown with the hot pink L on it! I love everything so far and I highly recommend their store and web vids for the beauty enthusiast!!!! If you ever ordered anything or plan to comment below I love to see what other people get!

I also got today my order from Glamour Doll Eyes. In it was the shadows I ordered based on some tutorials I watched on youtube and her site. It's a one woman show as she does all the work herself! I have tired on 2 of the shadows and they are wonderful!! I got 6 sample sizes which she offers at 2.50 US dollar a piece and she even has a "twishadows collection" inspired by the Twlight book and movie series! I got two from that one that is a deep inky blueish black with shimmer called "Mind Reader" Edward. I also got the white "Skin of a Killer" Cullen Family shadow. Then for regular shadows I got "Just Dance" which is a dusty lavender, "Boyfriend's Sweater" which is a brown with gold flecks in it, "Stilletto" which is magenta  and "Glam Girl" which is a shocking purple. For free she sent me two little baggies samples one was "Hot Pants" a light blueish gray color very pretty and "After Prom" which is a sparkly mauve!

I believe on her site she is having a sale soon on shadows! Cash in BABY!

Youtube video is hereHaul Vid on You Tube


Ok so I am a huge fan of ANYTHING dance, but my all time fav dance show is So You Think You Can Dance. I watch the show RELIGIOUSLY and I am inspired by the dancers and the choreographers, some fo which I have had the honor to take their classes (Mia Michaels, Dan Karaty, Joey Dowling etc..) I even own the work out DVDS and use them as a teaching tool for my dance students
So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio FunkSo You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Tone and Groove

So as this season with a Top 11 is winding down I sad but excited! There are so many good dancers on there I am with the judges don't make me choose please!!! I love the fact that they have brought back some older contestants as "All Stars" I love Twitch and Neil....I think it's awesome that Travis and Dymitri former contestants are constant choreographers on there, and I love that choreographers like Tabitha and Napolean are constantly pushing the envelope in choreo!!!!

Tonight is results! Two will go, who will it be? My picks as the ones to win it alal are Kent and Lauren followed closely by the ever amazing Billy Bell!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ulta/Home Goods Haul

Ulta/Home Goods Haul

How I adore a good Haul, be it a post or a vlog! I did a short vid but the quality honestly SUX because i had to use my digital camera as my Kodax Flip is for some reason not recording it just keeps freezing, so as soon as I get it fixed i will do more hauls for everyone and some tourtorials etc....

So tonight while I was waiting for my Fabulous Nieces to come home from their trip with their dad for his baseball team I went shopping (what else would I do, besides Nap, I adore a good nap!) I went to Ulta, Home Goods and Wegmans Here is a low down on what I got


The Urban Decay small face palet. It has 3 shadows, a blush and 3 glosses plus a double ended brush, it was only $15.00 and it was perfect for my purse because its small and has everything in there I need for touch ups when I go between my job and dance studio or out with friends last min! The only thing I need is a small blush bush to tuck in there...any inexpensive suggestions?

Redken cooling effects shampoo and Condition sample size treatments

Chi silking conditioning treatment that was for me and my nieces long hair to keep it shining and smooth! (FYI i used it on Sara tonight and it was FABULOUS!!!)

I forgot these in my homegoods Video but I will take pics and post later I got 2 fabulous pillows one is long and black and says "ROCKSTAR" in rhinestones and a long bolster pillow that is a purple pink color with skulls on it sooo chic!!!!

Other then that I was spending my time in the car listening to some High School Musical 2 music!!! I love Troy and Gabriella and I think Sharpay is a hoot! Great rocking summer tunes!

I ended my night at Wegmans and picked up a few groceries including Our House Favorite Peak Ice Tea! My brother and I are OBSESSED WITH IT!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Ins and Outs

INS and OUTS as of JULY 2010

I have seen other bloggers do this so I am gonna join in the tag and here goes:

What's IN for me right now:

My new Blackberry-how did I live a life before the Blackberry came into my life!

Make-Up Vlogs/Vids on Youtube!- I am obesssed with all the musing of beauty gurus and girls on the net! My favs are juicystar07,allthatglitters21,lollipop26. As soon as I get my camera to work again I will do my own vids and responses to all these wonderful postings.

Bethenny Frankel- I am sooo obesssed with Bethenny getting Married and just her whole personality! I think she is great! Where have I been all this time late getting on the Bethenny train!!! Her baby is adorable, her style is fantastic and her hubby is so sweet! I am so happy for her and I hope she continues with her show cause she is amazingly funny!

Organizing- My make up, my clothes and my life! I am very into a clean and purge mood lately! Watch out old crap here I come!

Urban Decay- I am very into the 24/7 liner in Binge which is a dark blue and the All Night spray mist that you spray on to set your make up it is amazing and really works!

Clinque Super Fit Foundation-Where has this been! It's drywick keeps me unpoily all day and it is light and stays put!

What's OUT for Me right now

Drama- it's just not necessay in life, why must people be miserable and try to take from other people to make them miserable. Everyone needs to live in peace and harmony! Imagine by John Lennon is playing in my head! I have decided to just sit back and not involve myself in anything dramatic in any way even if it means holding my tounge sometimes!

High Fiber Bars- They have caused me too much tummy trouble I need to cut it down to once in a while!

Hot and Humid Weather- It has been nothing but disgusting here lately I am done with it! We never get a spring and summer is like living in an earthly sauna!

Loreal 360 Cleanser- FOR ME (my opinion) it was not working and I think breaking me out so I had to switch it up to anther Loreal Cleanser which is I think (knock on wood) working better

*disclaimer these are my opinions and I am entitled to my opinion U can agree or disagree with me that's ok I am just talking it out here!


Welcome to My World

I am bloggin! Can U all believe it!

So I have been wanting to do this for a while and I have simply had no time! Between work and dance and life it's been insane....

So About Me....I'm Laurie aka La La (thanks to my niece Sara) and I am a dancer/chroeographer for a small studio, it's my sincere passion! Aside from that I am an Aunt, the young hip kind to 2 nieces and my BFF's daughter all under age 7 at this time. I already have the 7 yr old obesssed with make up since she first waddled over and pulled herself up on my vanity at 10months old! (for real she knows all the brushes their uses and how to apply make up better then any kid ever! She has a future!!!)

So this blog is for all my musing on Make-up and Dance and Life....Be prepared to be Dazzled!!!!!