Saturday, July 31, 2010

Online Beauty Shopping Frenzy!

OMG I am outta control! Over like the last 24 hrs I have ordered so many Beauty items online I think I hear my debit card crying from overuse!!!!

MAC Limited Edition Plush Hello Kitty DollI ordered  I believe 3 items off of Ebay so far and I have many auctions that I am still in or watching. One was a White MAC eyeshadow from the Hello Kitty Collection of last yr, called Gesso that I wanted badly and I got a good deal on, A MAC frost lipstick in Eden Rocks, and a 12 color MAC palette in the Hello Kitty packaging.

Then after watching many, many, many a review and rave on Youtube I went to Cherry Culture and purchsed a few products from in truth this is a beauty brand that I was introduced to thru a dance convention make-up art class and I have been using the Jumbo White eye crayon as a staple in my stage make-up kit and its great to lift the brows reguarlly as a highlight! But on youtube the gurus were raving left and right about the new bronzer in "Daydream of Ohau "so I got that, and I got 3 glitter loose pigments that were like 1.00 a piece to try out I got them in: True Purple which is a light color, another complimently "Lilac "color and a color called "Mink" which looks like a cross between a mocha and Blonde's Gold (from MAC) so we shall see. I also got the angled eyeliner brush cause i wanted a new one and it was not too expensive, and I also purchased "The Caribbean 5 color Eyeshadow Palette" in the colors "I Dream of Barbados"....from what I am told their colors are very highly pigment and I should be very happy....Can't wait to see! *Note there is a shipping delay at this time due to a warehouse back-up so my order will not ship out till after Aug 4th but that's not too far away and they gave 10% off for that. So check out the site it's awesome!!!!
I am going to show u the Eyepencil/Crayon I have below it's a fav on youtube and it's a fav in our dance kits!!!
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner 604 MilkIt's around 3 dollars max but I have seen it at Ulta and stores of the like even discounted further! Trust me Every dancer/dance teacher should have this in their kit! And every beauty girl should use this on her highlight!!!

The other things I have purchased are actually for my nieces. I shopped at Kenzie Bandz on their Facebook Sale and got the girls a few treats at highly discounted prices, check them out for adorable girly girl headbands and tu tu's! The other site I ordered from which I heard about thu my Facebook wasKealeysBoutique she has adorable handmade clothing items which are fabulous for special occassions, just because or pageants! I am really excited to get the things I ordered for my girlies, especially the B day outfit for my 1 yr old niece!!! She customizes!!! Check it out

Well that's all for now!!! I am gonna give it a rest for a while til my other ebay auctions finish and I will share a Haul vid on youtube when I am done!!!
Til then

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