Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Twlight Woods-Shower Cream vs Body Butter

When I smelled the Twlight Woods candle in previews before the line was actually relased I fell in love with the scent, and found what I call my 'go to winter scent'. Interesting thing is I never go for anything that's not light and fruity or totally girly and sugary. However this scent lured me in, like Edward Cullen himself....sorry shamless Edward Cullen Love Plug!

Anyways while I was shopping this weekend at Bath and Body Works with my niece I picked up a (new to me) Triple Shower Cream in the Twlight Woods scent, I just love it! Very moisturizing product and of course same wonderful scent as the shower gel I had loved so much....however the body butter....Ok at the Register they had small tubs of body butter on special for $4.00 each and I was already thinking of getting some since my Shower Cream was free with my coupon but my 7 yr old niece beat me to it, she asked polietly if she could get one and chose the Twlight one for herself. Seeings that we share a bathroom I figured I would share it with her, well after my shower the other night I went to use it and it was "migrane in a jar for me" It smells nothing like the shower cream or gel. I even checked other tubs and they all have that smell. I cannot use it! IDK why they hae a difference in smell but ugh it's gross! It's flowers or something not my wonderful love Twlight Woods

So A+ on the Shower Cream and a F- on the Body Butter because of the smell, however I would be willing to try another scent in the body butter formula as the formula was awesome!

Monday, October 18, 2010

What I Love About Fall

One of my Favorite Times of the Year is Right Now October! If you know me personally you are going huh? It's not Christmas or her B day???? She can't go to the beach? It's not Showtime? Nope It's fall! I love fall! And there are many reasons why! I am sure I am not alone! Here are some of the reasons I love fall

Pumpkin Flavored Everything *However I do not like actual pumpkin pie
the crispness in the air-yay u can actually breathe again!
Fall TV Shows
Fall Trend Show at Nordys (this weekend baby!)
Dark colors on the Nails
Sweaters and Hoodies
Flannels from Tarjay
Sephora Friends and Family Sale
Halloween Dress up for the kiddies
13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family Channel
Phillies in the Fall Classic!!!!!!

What do you like about fall??

ABC.com - Dancing with the Stars - Vote

ABC.com - Dancing with the Stars - Vote

Support your fav stars and VOTE!!!!
Who are you all loving this season? My favs are Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey! I vote for the both each week!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's the Simple Things

It's too often that I get swept up in everything that I have going on with dance and work and life that I forget what its like to just "be a kid" and while I may no longer be a kid in age I am one at heart and I have 2 beautiful nieces here every day to remind me to stay young and positive! I love you Sara and Leah thank you for loving your La La
Sara "Bear" my Dancing Queen

Leah "Lady Bug" My Lil Bayboo

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder with Real Cocoa by Too Faced$28.00

Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder with Real Cocoa by Too Faced

So I just watched this You Tube video where someone got this bronzer in a kit that was half illuminator and half this and when she said it actaully smelled like chocolate cause there is real cocoa in the product I was like um I need to see and smell this NOW! The kit she had is not aviable anymore but I guess this is in the reg line (Perm?) I think this may be a purchase for me in the near future for a few reason...1. CHOCOLATE...(need I go on...) 2. It's matte and I have a bronzer that I like that is matte from NYC but my other fav bronzer from NYX has shimmer in it and is no longer gonna work in the winter months (my HG bronzer is Laguna from Nars so it's either repurchase that right now ow this) and 3. the girl that tried it demo'ed on screen and she is very pale and she had no orangeness and it gave a great contour! Things I am totally into! So TooFaced I am comin for ya!

Alex and Ani Eco-Friendly Jewelry at ZeeBerry.com. FREE shipping both ways on US orders. NO tax.

Alex and Ani Eco-Friendly Jewelry at ZeeBerry.com. FREE shipping both ways on US orders. NO tax.

I have been on the hunt for Alex and Ani expandable wire bangles since I saw one in my youtube friends vid. I thought I would have to wait til I got to the city (NYC that is) to go to their store but I found they have a website and zeeberry sells them too! I already got my astrological sign and I want more!!!!

Natural Eye Kit ($73 value) by Too Faced$35.00

Natural Eye Kit ($73 value) by Too Faced

This kit is totally gorg and totally me! I tried it at Ulta and the shadows were soft and pigmented! I didn't purchase it because I do have the Naked Palette and didn't want to spend close to 40 bucks on yet another nude eye kit but I am soooo tempted and if nothing else it's going on my holiday wish list

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wet n Wild Color Icon Shadows Review

***Photo Above from the Wet n Wild Site Tonight I was browsing around my local Walgreens, disappointed that I missed the BOGO sale on my fav Yes to Tomatoes line and I found what I think will be a gem in my every and always explanding make-up collection.... The Color Icon Single Shadows from Wet n Wild.....

Now I bet you are going...."Wet n Wild??? Isn't that the chepo brand we all use to buy when we were in like 6th grade....with garrish colors and frosty pink lipglosses?" No my friends I believe Wet n Wild has finally come up to trend on some things and these eye shadows being top....

A youtuber named Gina I know has reviews some quads from WnW before but I hve yet to see these make a debut....(note to self do a vid) I purchased the colors "Nutty" and "Brulee"....Nutty is a shimmer sand shade with purple and pink undertones, very beautiful and somewhat unique, I personally have nothing like what this shade swatched out as and I do own the Naked Palette and several MAC and misc shadows....It's major major gorg and I cannot wait to wear it on my eyes I think it will look beautiful on all eye colors and skin tones it's not glittery at all just has a gleam to it. Brulee is a soft cream color close to MAC's vanilla but maybe more pink or peach then again that could just be my skin, similar but not the same as UD's Virgin too it's a great highlight  brown bone or all over color to neutralize eyes. Both were $1.99 a piece and the packaging is really nice! Way to step it up Wet n Wild!!!! I will go back for more.

Their website is:http://wnwbeauty.com/Product.php?Pid=68

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spell Cosmetics

Vital Radiance Soft Dimension Powder Blush, Pink Radiance 002, 0.3 oz
Spell Cosmetics is going out of the business of selling to the public! The last days to buy online is this week I believe Oct 10th! Get the word out! Major discounts

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Girly Girl Tag- Fun- Join In!!!

1. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead?

Yes It makes me smile and feel cute

2. A big poofy dress or a short party dress?

Well where am in in said dress....a wedding? a ball? pageant? Then long Poofy princess gown if I am at like some idk black tie party prob the shirt one then.
3. What would you do if you received a long love letter?

I would love that I would sit back and read every wor let it all sink and and just kinda really rmember how I am feeling reading it, it's not often ever someone write a letter anymore let alone a love letter so that bea special moment.
4. Group dates or single dates?

Single dates for romantic things but it is fun to hang out in a group too so either or

5. Do you hate it when guys act different around their friends?
YES! Come on there is no reason for that! Be one way, that's the way you are and your friends should just accept that! If they wanna act all stupid and childish and treat me bad then take it and go away but if it's about like their "nerdy guy things" i dont care then cause girls have their "girly things" they do when they are together

6. Are diamonds a girl's best friend?
Diamonds are amazing! they are beautiful stunning and to die for!

7. Is your hair up or down?

down and  fresh washed!

8. Do you straighten your hair?


9. Whats your favorite girly magazine?

Allure and Cosmo and Instyle

10. What's your favorite mascara?


11. Do you get your nails done?

when someone treats me to it or for something extra special but I can do he really well on my own so I usually just save that expense for something like um make up!! or clothing or jewlery! :)

12. Small or large purses?

Go big or go home baby!

13. In your purse, what are your must haves?

Lipgloss, Debit Card, Blackberry, Paper and Pen, Keys, Tweezers, Makeup bag for travel, eyedrops, and Xanax

14. Jeans or skirts?


15. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that's uncomfortable?

I try not to...

16. Do you text message a lot?

doesnt everyone?

17. What would you do if you got pregnant?

have the baby and raise it with or without the father's help

18. What's your favorite color?
PINK (purple and Tiffany Blue)

19. Heels or flats?

flats I spend too much time dancing in heels for dance classes I prefer Uggs or flip flops

20. Did you ever cry during a romantic movie?

Notebook and Remember Me

21. Would you ever leave the house without make-up on?

I try not to. Sometimes it's just concealer and lipgloss but no make-up doesn't typically happen UNLESS it's summer and I am very tanned

22. Walmart or Target?

Tarjay baby!!!!!

23. Do you wear collared shirts?

Not if I can help it!

24. Do you like preppy boys?

Oh a well dressed man is sooo hard to find that be great

25. Are you spoiled?

I used to be very much so but as I got older less so, since my nieces were born a lot less so!

26. Do you think lip gloss is the best?

What over lipstick? Yes I prefer it to lipstick

27. Do you own any big sunglasses?

Um yes I am a friggin movie star of course I do (ha ha)

28. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

with shower....1hr.

without....30 mins.

29. Do you like to wear band aids?

no, that's a dumb question!

30. Do you like skater boys?

ewe no

31. Do you wish there is something you could change about you?

Obv everybody always wishes there was something dif about them, I guess I would have the body of Chelsie Hightower on Dancing with the Stars! She is gorg!

32. Gold or silver?


33. Do you like to receive flowers?

No....now u think I am werid right? I love flower but honestly I look at them go awe they are so pretty but I wish I had the cash they just spent on this instead! I just rather have a bouquest of make up or hair prodcuts or even candy!

34. Do you like surfer boys?

Oh yes, very cute

35. Do you dress up for holidays?
Yes as much as I can but what usually ends up happening is this....I find great outfits for the girls and presents for everyone and forget about me til it's too late and I have to wear whatever I can throw on!

36. Do you like to wear dresses?

Sometimes I do, but only the comfy ones I like to be comfy If at all possible I would say my style of dressing for dresses is beach chic

37. On a scale of 1-10 how much do guys confuse you?

7...you live you learn, but once you've got them all figured out, they throw you for a loop. never fails. stop trying to understand and just accept :)

38. In the last 48 Hours have you hung out with a guy?
just my male friends at a b day party

39. Do you wear lipstick?

Um that's like asking "do u wear underware?" OF COURSE I DO!!! I wear it all baby!

40. Would you date a guy shorter than you?
If I was really into him I guess idk I am not that tall so he'd have to be pretty short

43. Do you like to hold hands?

yes it makes me feel secure and stable in my crazed life

44. What is the youngest you would date?

idk I had a bf in like kindergarden! ha ha

45. What is the oldest you would date?

i guess 10 yrs unless it's Johnny Depp then whatever I am there!!!!

46. What do you notice when you first meet a guy?

His eyes and his hair

47. Is it hot when guys are sweaty?

depends from what.....

48. What is the best possible feature in a boy?

kindness and a good heart and that they make u feel like a lady!

49. Do you like making eye contact?

yes I love the eyelock

50. Do you ever picture your wedding dress and wedding?

Yup I am getting married in DisneyWorld riding in Cinderella's carriage and I am havinga princess dress prob Vera Wang or Carolina Herrra

52. Would you kill for chocolate?
nah but I do get the wicked craving here and there

53. Did you ever spend all day/night getting pretty for a guy?

Not that long but let's say I have put more then 5 mins to it on occassion

54. On a scale from 1-10 how fun is shopping?


55. Do you freak out if you miss your favorite shows?

I wouldnt if my DVR worked!

56. Do you yell a lot?

on occassion I have been known to raise the voice but not alot

57. Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work?

ewe no I am not a scrub!

58. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy?

nope! U dont like me the way I am too damn bad!

59. Do you write a lot of mushy love poems?

Nope I dont even like to write my name!!!!!

60. What makeup could you not live w/out?

lipgloss, blushable creme sticks, bronzer, bare minerals foundations, Laura mercicer eye brights in Whete The Perfect Cure eye color frm Glamor Doll Eyes, Mascara, Mally Beauty Black Liner

61. Do you fall in love easily?
I have only loved guys my entire life so nope!

62. Do you have cramps? right now?

no thank you for asking tho!

63. Do you consider yourself pretty?

wel what day is it? what' the lighting like? do I have a pimple? idk? I guess I am better thenaverage

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happily Ever After-Get Your Own Faiytale Ending

This has to be one of the best books I have ever read, owned and purchased! It shows that women are strong role models in the faiytale word and it give such the modern spin to things u gotta check this out!!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trish Mc Evoy-The Power of Make-up MUST READ

I read This Book by Trish Mc Evoy eons ago I swear and I was sooo great I don't know why I have not thummed thru it more often! She gives awesome tips and it is a must have for beginners! I use to own perfume one of my very Favs thbe Blackberry Vanilla from her line but it's so darn expensive for such a small bottle I have not repurchased it in a long time! However I want to! but you don't have to be a Trish Fan or even use her make-up to enjoy this book

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome to the New School/Dance Year

Dance Class Toddler/Little Kid T100 Patent Flexible Tap,Black,9 M US ToddlerCapezio Little Kid/Big Kid Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe,Ballet Pink,11 M US Little KidCapezio Women's "E" Series Jazz Slip-On,Black,8 M US

So it's that time a year again. The kiddies, like my niece are going back to school and for me (and my niece too) it's time to go back to dance! her to class and me to teach!

I love the idea of starting fresh over but I still get butterflies thinking about how everything will go. Is that weird? I am sure I will barely sleep over the next week as I fret over the start of each class!

My creative juices have been on vacation really all summer. I felt inspired and enpowered watching all my favorite dancers and choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance but then I just kinda lost my mojo! I am slowly getting back into my groove and I am sure once I step into my first classes I will be fine but until then I think I will need a few Xanax!!!!

Good luck for all my friends out there as they start their dance seasons where ever that may be!
Dance Class Toddler/Little Kid T100 Patent Flexible Tap,Black,9 M US Toddler

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who Inspires You?

It's Late but I have been sitting here thinking about who has inspired me in my life....I mean there are alot of people famous and not famous, and for a whole host of reasons. I thought I would just give a little shout out to some of them that insipred and or keep inpiring me along the way

Liza Minnelli- Ever since I saw Liza live at Radio City back when I was a young dancer I knew that I wantd to be an Entertainer for the rest of my life!
Best of Liza Minnelli
Patrick Swayze- It was love at first site! When Johnny Castle walked into the room, even tho I was a mere 8 years old my knees when week and he was my first real dance love! There was a man who could dance and he just made it look so cool! I knew that when I grew up I wanted to have a partner just like him and I wanted to see great male dancers continue just like him
Dirty Dancing (Single-Disc Widescreen Edition)
Michael Jackson- The King of Pop and one hell of a dancer and performer!
Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary of Thriller (CD+DVD)
My Niece Sara- She might only be pint size but she is everything to me! She has grace and style and a zest for life i admire!!!!

Thats just to name a few!

Friday, August 27, 2010

DWTS Season 11

Dancing with the Stars: Latin Cardio Dance
The new 11th Season of Dancing with the Stars Starts soon!!! I kinda can't wait but then again I am not thrilled wtih the celbs line up rumors! I mean Carol Brady (Flo Henderson, "The Situation" from the Jersey Shore, The Hills Audrina Patridge.... just to mention a few) Anyways the new stars and their partners offically reported for duty today for meet up footage and package photos and the official line up is to be announced on Monday!  So we shall see!!! Thoughts anyone????

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Elf Cosmetics, YES to Tomatoes, Youtube and Other Stuff

I am BACK!!!
I have been very neglectful of my little blog! I am very sorry excuses I know are thin but work has been insane and I am so tired I forget when I get home, or I get caught up watching my favorite youtube videots fall asleep!!!! But anyways.....

So I got a few new things to tell u all about. I discovered the line YES to Tomatoes (same as the Yes to Carrots but with the tomatoes ha ha) and it's for combo to oily skin which I have and it's paraben fee and 97.8% natural so I had to give it a try....well I love it!!! I started out with the face wash and the face mask like 2 weeks or so ago and have really been loving the results so tonight while at Walgreens (to get my niece who is turning 1 tomorrow a hair brush cause she like to carry hair brushes around...werid right?) I saw that the line was buy one get one 50% off so I got the toner pads and the facial lotion. I used both tonight and again I think I am loving it! So any one with that kind of skin I would highly recommend trying out the line if you are looking for a nice moderately priced (7.99-14.99) drugstore brand skin care routine!  I saw them at Walgreens and Target so far.

Also on the Beauty front I recently made a purchase (my first) from ELF Cosmetics. I was really excited to try some brushes from there as I had heard from my fellow youtubbers that their very inexpensive itmes (starting at 1.00!!!) were really good! So I placed and order and since I decided to spend 20.00 I got 40 free eye colors (that was 10 eye quads) and I got to choose which ones I wanted!!!! Now I really honestly didn't need any more eye colors but my niece really enjoys make up, I mean she is only 7 but she will sit at my make up area for ever and just put on a full face (really well I might add) of make up so I was planning to give her the quads. I did she was over joyed! I ordered one dup that was a really pretty color combo of neutrals called "etheral" that I kept but the other 9 packs went to the overjoyed 7 year old!!!! She cannot wait to try them out! I ordered her some really pretty ones! And I have to tell you I tried the oen I kept and the colors were really smooth and I liked the pay off! I used my Laura Mercier Wheat EyeBasic under it (which I also recieved today) and it looked good!!! Regurally they only retail for $1.00!!! So what a deal! Great for the make up bag in the purse or car that u dont want your good stuff in but you want something decent in! And the burshes are really nice I the face kabuki , the c  eyebrush, the face powder brush and the blush brush all from the studio line they were about 3.00 each! Very nice handles and very nice fluff to them!

Also I got 2 items from All Cosmetics Wholesale which is a really nice site to get some discounted and discountined items from the big name brands like MAC and Laura Mercier, and Dolce and Gabanna and Dior....I got the Wheat Eye Basics for $9.99 unboxed! It retails for $25! and I got MAC's Painterly Paint pot for 14.00 so that was a nice experience!!!!
Mac Cosmetics Paint Pot - Girl Friendly

I also got some really nice soaps that when I do the review on them on my youtube I will post the link on here from a place called Creamery Creek Farms they smell amazing and were recommened by a fellow you tubber and I just had to order some but the sweet owner sent me some others for free too I just am in heaven!!!!!! Check them out if you can!!!!!
til next time

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TAG!! Go To Beauty Prodcuts

What's in My Purse Aug 2010

DWTS, Dance Friends and Make-up Junkies

Dancing with the Stars: Get Your Dance On!
SO I am huge Dancing with the Stars Fan and I was pleased to find this little gem I wanted to share.

Ever wanted to know the prodcuts used on the show? The Make-up? The Self tanners? The hair? Here is a great compliation!!
Make-up and Beauty from DWTS


Shopping Pictures, Images and Photos

So can I must confess to 3 things that I believe are not going to bode very well for me over the next Month:
1. I am a Shop-a-holic like it's seriously a sickness!!! ;)
2. I have been and always will be the biggest fan of all things Disney! When I go there I shopp my butt off and have to ship so much home! I love the atomsphere and the characters and the movies, I could go on and on and on. I even have planned to get married there someday if it all works out
3. MAC-I love MAC and now onto how all this flows together......


Ok this is like the most exciting thing I heard since the Hello Kitty collection, which btw I missed out on pretty much everything I wanted except a lipstick and gloss because by day 3 they were sold out around here!!! (but my Hello Kitty love is for another time!.....

I checked out Temptalia's Website and she was fortunate enough to be invited to the preeview in Disneyland and swatched and showed all the collections! Well....needless to say I already have a list of MUST haves/wishes and it looks like at least 200 bucks worth....dare I say more!!!

Now I know u are saying she is outta control! BUT I was thinking I have a month and like over 10 days til release, if I buy no new make up prodcuts (only like shampoo and contitioner or body wash if necessary) for the next month I prob will have justifed the purchase considering I prob spend about 100 a month on stuff like that!....Hello my last Ulta rewards certificate number was a 15 people!!!! They don't even go that high I had to conbine levels (it was great tho side note I got alot of cute stuff!!!) Anyways...so here are my wants in order of most to least from the collection (I want to hear form YOU!!! Are you planning to buy anything from this collection? Do you Love Disney? What do you love about shopping? MAC? comment below please tell a friend and subscribe!
Swatches and info on the entire collection!!!!


Innocence, Beware! Lipglass Light yellow pink (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition) $15.50
Heartless Lipglass Cherry red (Amplified) (Limited Edition) $15.50
Wicked Ways Lipstick Deep fuchsia with pink pearl (Limited Edition) $15.50 Oh So Fair  Face Powder Clean pink with gold pearl (Limited Edition) $25.00
Devilishly Stylish Lipstick Light nude with gold pearl (Limited Edition) $15.50
Great Villians Collection: Evil Queen From Snow White By Walt DisnetEvil Queen
Strange Potion  Lipglass Soft coral pink (Limited Edition) $15.50
Hot House Lipglass Deep raspberry with pink pearl (Limited Edition) $15.50

Sinister  lipstick Soft brown plum (Lustre) (Limited Edition) $15.50

Mattel MALEFICENT Disney doll Great Villains CollectionMaleficent
Briar Rose Face Powder/Blush Soft violet pink with pearl (Limited Edition) $25.00
Bad Fairy Red with red multi-changing pearl (Limited Edition) $13.00

*There is Also a Collection for Dr Faciller from "The Princess and the Frog" however nothng really screamed Buy Me! But who knows I have a weakness maybe I will just "have to have it once I see it in person!!!

Until Next Time Stay Beautiful...XOXO La La

Friday, August 13, 2010

NYX, MAC and the Naked Palette

So I finally got my hands on the Urband Decay Naked Palette! I am beyond thrilled with the look of the palette, the quality of the shadows (not too many messy chunky glitters like some of their stuff) It's stunning to look at and worth the Price of it! I was hesitant to pay $44.00 for a single make-up item, because while I love the high end stuff it just kills me to shell out almost $50 bucks and get one thing I would like to get many things as I am a typical make-up girl/junkie!!! But I have been using this for he last 4 days and I love it! My favs for high lights are Sin and Virgin and I am loving Smog, Buck and Naked the Most! It also comes with a dual ended  eyeliner in Zero (black) and Wiskey (brown)! Oh and you get a mini Primer Potion which does help the staying power of all shadows in general espically the UD ones. I prefer the Sin Primer Potion by UD but hey, it came with so I am not gonna complain and it's tiny good for travel!!!! The case is a beautiful matte chocolate brown velvet and the letters are done in gold! There is a small mirror as in all of their eye palettes. And the inside is as beautiful and chic as the outside with a satin taupe background and gold letters and it has a magnetic close! I recommend this highly to everyone!  If u wear the neutral look or you know someone just getting into make up or ahave a high school or younger girl to buy for this is the gift!!!! This is of course my own opinion!

I also got  few NYX items in the last couple weeks that I am soooo happy with! For a "drugstore" brand they are highly pigmented shadows, liners and lipsticks!!! The jumbo eyepencils which I linked here are a cult fav with the beauty gurus. I was intoduced to this line about 4 yrs ago at a dance convention in a stage make up class where I revied the MILK colored jumbo shadow and  a Godess of the Night gloss, since then I always wondered where to get it and not till I guess the last year did I realize Ulta had this line. Now Ulta doesn't carry everything and I was seeing alot of YouTube vids that had items I could not find such as the Bronzer and the Black Label stuff. So I found a site called Cherry Culture. (http://www.cherryculture.com/) where they sell most of the line and their prices are wicked awesome!!!! They do not just sell NYX but a lot fo other brands as well as the famous Red Cherry Fake Eyelashes alot of the gurus rave on! From there I got a 5 color eyeshadow palette from the Caribbean Collection in "I Dream of Barbados" and I got an Angled eyebrush, 3 of the Ultra Peal Mania Eye pigments (very compareable to MAC and their pigments only cost....wait for it...$1.50!!!!) and I got the NYX bronzer in "Daydream of Ohau" I am pleased and will shop here again!!!!

Onto MAC! I am a MAC girl I love the brand and I love the artists I have been able to work on me, I cannot say enough nice things about the place! I purchased some pigments recently off of ebay from a very nice seller. The colors I got were fun and I cannot wait to play with them. They were Fushsia 97, Typographic(a steely gray), Bronze 67, and Shimmer Moss (a bright fun teal!) I wish I could change my look like 4 times a day cause I wanna wear everyhing right away!!!

If U all have been shopping lately tell me what u got I love comments!


make-up icons Pictures, Images and Photos

So I've done some Beauty Shopping Lately on Ebay and More!!!

I placed a few orders/bids on ebay as I mentioned before fora several items and I have a mixed bag of review on them.

First of all ebay and make up is a tricky thing! Alot of the MAC stuff is fake and u need to beware and some of the make up sellers!! I have delt with  one that,while they have high reviews they have been nasty to deal with! I ordered one MAC Cream Shadows palette, which i have a feeling was fake, from an Ebayer SHOPSMART2525, so beware on that! They did refund my paypal money but it took 13 days to get it back and they never sent me the product tho they claimed to have proof it was sent, they never furnished said proof, I think they never sent it and I think they just expected me to go away! So I got most of my momney back but they took out some fee which I did not appreciate and I will not ever do business again they also refused to give me my money back til I agreed to cancel the transaction on ebay and make it like it never happened therefore I cannot leave feedback! It was a mess!!!!!

Another thing is before when I use to ebay like 4 yrs ago when i paid for an item right away which I do via paypal I'd gegt my item fast cause the seller had their money, but the last 6 transactions I had the shipping took over 3 weeks! I don't find that good business! It's like I hadned u over my money right away and U get to keep it for 3 weeks and then give me my product!  No I don't like this and I think I am gonna go back to just looking for harder to find items on  Amazon Marketplace and if I can't find it Oh well not ment to be!!!

Share with me any experiences u guys have had negative or positive and if there are some great sellers out there please tell me I will buy again if they are recommened by u!

Congrats to Lauren Froderman the SYTYCD Season 7 Winner

Congrat Lauren!!!!
Last night was the final show for the summer (booooo! I love this show) and America's Favorite Dancer was crowned! Lauren Froderman the 18 year old from AZ was the ultimate winner! This girl is Phenomonal and if you have not seen her dance check out the Fox websiteSYTYCD LAUREN and view some of her most amazing moments! For me and my 7 year old niece,Sara, this girl had our vote from the beginning, I must admit tho we were pulling for Kent "the kid" from Wapakeneta too! A tie would have suited me fine but I know only one dancer can reign supreme! Lauren was the most consistantly great dancer each week AND the ONLY GIRL to survive the first 5 eliminations in which every other girl went home!!!!!

Some of my fav Lauren moments this season was:
Her dance with Kent as the Prom King and Queen to Collide
Her Hip Hop with Twitch to My Bad Chick
Her Damn Yankee's Routine with all Star Allison
And her audition Solo to Fever!

Lauren recived high praise from the judges week after week but the 2 best compliments I think I would take with me and remember as best if I was her are
Adam Shankman: "I am gonna say to you, the words every dancer wants to hear I WANNA HIRE U"
Mia Michaels "If I were still dancing I would want to dance like you"

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Tonight is NOT my night!

1. I had plans with a friend tomorrow and she text me to say "Sorry Can't Hang now, got a last min invite to the shore for the day by my cousin".....while I think it's fun to go to the shore and all to which I have not even been in over a yr I find it VERY RUDE to do that to someone you have been friends with since the first grade! I will get over it as you know I dont hold grudges but this person has done this before, Obvious it's something I over look as we are still great friends but for some reason tonight I was really hurt!

2.  I was online doing some browsing and shopping on ebay and I ran into the rudest seller ever! "ladygaga4056" is their name! SHE/HE IS RUDE!!! The seller had a MAC Hello Kitty bag that they said was from the online exculsive which btw I was skeptical of it's authenticity, anyways  it was starting at 50.00 they had no bids the sale is about to close so I emailed them and said I would love to buy the bag if they ever planned on putting it up again somewhere in the 20.00 range (as i thought it be a cute gift for my niece), well the email response I got back was " buy your bags at walmart yo, this is MAC and it's expensive S**T!" 
CAN U BELIVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Truely a BUYER BEWARE!!! There is alot of nasty people out there  which makes me again jaded from buying from people online! Which i love to do but this person was like a wake up call!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
eBay Essential Training

Online Beauty Shopping Frenzy!

OMG I am outta control! Over like the last 24 hrs I have ordered so many Beauty items online I think I hear my debit card crying from overuse!!!!

MAC Limited Edition Plush Hello Kitty DollI ordered  I believe 3 items off of Ebay so far and I have many auctions that I am still in or watching. One was a White MAC eyeshadow from the Hello Kitty Collection of last yr, called Gesso that I wanted badly and I got a good deal on, A MAC frost lipstick in Eden Rocks, and a 12 color MAC palette in the Hello Kitty packaging.

Then after watching many, many, many a review and rave on Youtube I went to Cherry Culture and purchsed a few products from NYX....now in truth this is a beauty brand that I was introduced to thru a dance convention make-up art class and I have been using the Jumbo White eye crayon as a staple in my stage make-up kit and its great to lift the brows reguarlly as a highlight! But on youtube the gurus were raving left and right about the new bronzer in "Daydream of Ohau "so I got that, and I got 3 glitter loose pigments that were like 1.00 a piece to try out I got them in: True Purple which is a light color, another complimently "Lilac "color and a color called "Mink" which looks like a cross between a mocha and Blonde's Gold (from MAC) so we shall see. I also got the angled eyeliner brush cause i wanted a new one and it was not too expensive, and I also purchased "The Caribbean 5 color Eyeshadow Palette" in the colors "I Dream of Barbados"....from what I am told their colors are very highly pigment and I should be very happy....Can't wait to see! *Note there is a shipping delay at this time due to a warehouse back-up so my order will not ship out till after Aug 4th but that's not too far away and they gave 10% off for that. So check out the site it's awesome!!!!
I am going to show u the Eyepencil/Crayon I have below it's a fav on youtube and it's a fav in our dance kits!!!
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner 604 MilkIt's around 3 dollars max but I have seen it at Ulta and stores of the like even discounted further! Trust me Every dancer/dance teacher should have this in their kit! And every beauty girl should use this on her highlight!!!

The other things I have purchased are actually for my nieces. I shopped at Kenzie Bandz on their Facebook Sale and got the girls a few treats at highly discounted prices, check them out for adorable girly girl headbands and tu tu's! The other site I ordered from which I heard about thu my Facebook wasKealeysBoutique she has adorable handmade clothing items which are fabulous for special occassions, just because or pageants! I am really excited to get the things I ordered for my girlies, especially the B day outfit for my 1 yr old niece!!! She customizes!!! Check it out

Well that's all for now!!! I am gonna give it a rest for a while til my other ebay auctions finish and I will share a Haul vid on youtube when I am done!!!
Til then

Thursday, July 29, 2010

GlitzyGlam and Glamour Doll Hauls


Today I got in a box from Gitzy-Glam and in it contained some goodies I ordered after numberous hrs consumed watching Elle and Blair on youtube and seeing their cutie products!h !! I got the Tumbler with my inital on it, I got a small make up bag in lime green with hot pink writing and I got a spa wrap headband in the chocolate brown with the hot pink L on it! I love everything so far and I highly recommend their store and web vids for the beauty enthusiast!!!! If you ever ordered anything or plan to comment below I love to see what other people get!

I also got today my order from Glamour Doll Eyes. In it was the shadows I ordered based on some tutorials I watched on youtube and her site. It's a one woman show as she does all the work herself! I have tired on 2 of the shadows and they are wonderful!! I got 6 sample sizes which she offers at 2.50 US dollar a piece and she even has a "twishadows collection" inspired by the Twlight book and movie series! I got two from that one that is a deep inky blueish black with shimmer called "Mind Reader" Edward. I also got the white "Skin of a Killer" Cullen Family shadow. Then for regular shadows I got "Just Dance" which is a dusty lavender, "Boyfriend's Sweater" which is a brown with gold flecks in it, "Stilletto" which is magenta  and "Glam Girl" which is a shocking purple. For free she sent me two little baggies samples one was "Hot Pants" a light blueish gray color very pretty and "After Prom" which is a sparkly mauve!

I believe on her site she is having a sale soon on shadows! Cash in BABY!

Youtube video is hereHaul Vid on You Tube


Ok so I am a huge fan of ANYTHING dance, but my all time fav dance show is So You Think You Can Dance. I watch the show RELIGIOUSLY and I am inspired by the dancers and the choreographers, some fo which I have had the honor to take their classes (Mia Michaels, Dan Karaty, Joey Dowling etc..) I even own the work out DVDS and use them as a teaching tool for my dance students
So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio FunkSo You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Tone and Groove

So as this season with a Top 11 is winding down I sad but excited! There are so many good dancers on there I am with the judges don't make me choose please!!! I love the fact that they have brought back some older contestants as "All Stars" I love Twitch and Neil....I think it's awesome that Travis and Dymitri former contestants are constant choreographers on there, and I love that choreographers like Tabitha and Napolean are constantly pushing the envelope in choreo!!!!

Tonight is results! Two will go, who will it be? My picks as the ones to win it alal are Kent and Lauren followed closely by the ever amazing Billy Bell!