Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Twlight Woods-Shower Cream vs Body Butter

When I smelled the Twlight Woods candle in previews before the line was actually relased I fell in love with the scent, and found what I call my 'go to winter scent'. Interesting thing is I never go for anything that's not light and fruity or totally girly and sugary. However this scent lured me in, like Edward Cullen himself....sorry shamless Edward Cullen Love Plug!

Anyways while I was shopping this weekend at Bath and Body Works with my niece I picked up a (new to me) Triple Shower Cream in the Twlight Woods scent, I just love it! Very moisturizing product and of course same wonderful scent as the shower gel I had loved so much....however the body butter....Ok at the Register they had small tubs of body butter on special for $4.00 each and I was already thinking of getting some since my Shower Cream was free with my coupon but my 7 yr old niece beat me to it, she asked polietly if she could get one and chose the Twlight one for herself. Seeings that we share a bathroom I figured I would share it with her, well after my shower the other night I went to use it and it was "migrane in a jar for me" It smells nothing like the shower cream or gel. I even checked other tubs and they all have that smell. I cannot use it! IDK why they hae a difference in smell but ugh it's gross! It's flowers or something not my wonderful love Twlight Woods

So A+ on the Shower Cream and a F- on the Body Butter because of the smell, however I would be willing to try another scent in the body butter formula as the formula was awesome!

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