Monday, October 18, 2010

What I Love About Fall

One of my Favorite Times of the Year is Right Now October! If you know me personally you are going huh? It's not Christmas or her B day???? She can't go to the beach? It's not Showtime? Nope It's fall! I love fall! And there are many reasons why! I am sure I am not alone! Here are some of the reasons I love fall

Pumpkin Flavored Everything *However I do not like actual pumpkin pie
the crispness in the air-yay u can actually breathe again!
Fall TV Shows
Fall Trend Show at Nordys (this weekend baby!)
Dark colors on the Nails
Sweaters and Hoodies
Flannels from Tarjay
Sephora Friends and Family Sale
Halloween Dress up for the kiddies
13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family Channel
Phillies in the Fall Classic!!!!!!

What do you like about fall??

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