Thursday, July 29, 2010

GlitzyGlam and Glamour Doll Hauls


Today I got in a box from Gitzy-Glam and in it contained some goodies I ordered after numberous hrs consumed watching Elle and Blair on youtube and seeing their cutie products!h !! I got the Tumbler with my inital on it, I got a small make up bag in lime green with hot pink writing and I got a spa wrap headband in the chocolate brown with the hot pink L on it! I love everything so far and I highly recommend their store and web vids for the beauty enthusiast!!!! If you ever ordered anything or plan to comment below I love to see what other people get!

I also got today my order from Glamour Doll Eyes. In it was the shadows I ordered based on some tutorials I watched on youtube and her site. It's a one woman show as she does all the work herself! I have tired on 2 of the shadows and they are wonderful!! I got 6 sample sizes which she offers at 2.50 US dollar a piece and she even has a "twishadows collection" inspired by the Twlight book and movie series! I got two from that one that is a deep inky blueish black with shimmer called "Mind Reader" Edward. I also got the white "Skin of a Killer" Cullen Family shadow. Then for regular shadows I got "Just Dance" which is a dusty lavender, "Boyfriend's Sweater" which is a brown with gold flecks in it, "Stilletto" which is magenta  and "Glam Girl" which is a shocking purple. For free she sent me two little baggies samples one was "Hot Pants" a light blueish gray color very pretty and "After Prom" which is a sparkly mauve!

I believe on her site she is having a sale soon on shadows! Cash in BABY!

Youtube video is hereHaul Vid on You Tube

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