Monday, July 26, 2010

Ulta/Home Goods Haul

How I adore a good Haul, be it a post or a vlog! I did a short vid but the quality honestly SUX because i had to use my digital camera as my Kodax Flip is for some reason not recording it just keeps freezing, so as soon as I get it fixed i will do more hauls for everyone and some tourtorials etc....

So tonight while I was waiting for my Fabulous Nieces to come home from their trip with their dad for his baseball team I went shopping (what else would I do, besides Nap, I adore a good nap!) I went to Ulta, Home Goods and Wegmans Here is a low down on what I got


The Urban Decay small face palet. It has 3 shadows, a blush and 3 glosses plus a double ended brush, it was only $15.00 and it was perfect for my purse because its small and has everything in there I need for touch ups when I go between my job and dance studio or out with friends last min! The only thing I need is a small blush bush to tuck in there...any inexpensive suggestions?

Redken cooling effects shampoo and Condition sample size treatments

Chi silking conditioning treatment that was for me and my nieces long hair to keep it shining and smooth! (FYI i used it on Sara tonight and it was FABULOUS!!!)

I forgot these in my homegoods Video but I will take pics and post later I got 2 fabulous pillows one is long and black and says "ROCKSTAR" in rhinestones and a long bolster pillow that is a purple pink color with skulls on it sooo chic!!!!

Other then that I was spending my time in the car listening to some High School Musical 2 music!!! I love Troy and Gabriella and I think Sharpay is a hoot! Great rocking summer tunes!

I ended my night at Wegmans and picked up a few groceries including Our House Favorite Peak Ice Tea! My brother and I are OBSESSED WITH IT!!!!

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