Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Ins and Outs

INS and OUTS as of JULY 2010

I have seen other bloggers do this so I am gonna join in the tag and here goes:

What's IN for me right now:

My new Blackberry-how did I live a life before the Blackberry came into my life!

Make-Up Vlogs/Vids on Youtube!- I am obesssed with all the musing of beauty gurus and girls on the net! My favs are juicystar07,allthatglitters21,lollipop26. As soon as I get my camera to work again I will do my own vids and responses to all these wonderful postings.

Bethenny Frankel- I am sooo obesssed with Bethenny getting Married and just her whole personality! I think she is great! Where have I been all this time late getting on the Bethenny train!!! Her baby is adorable, her style is fantastic and her hubby is so sweet! I am so happy for her and I hope she continues with her show cause she is amazingly funny!

Organizing- My make up, my clothes and my life! I am very into a clean and purge mood lately! Watch out old crap here I come!

Urban Decay- I am very into the 24/7 liner in Binge which is a dark blue and the All Night spray mist that you spray on to set your make up it is amazing and really works!

Clinque Super Fit Foundation-Where has this been! It's drywick keeps me unpoily all day and it is light and stays put!

What's OUT for Me right now

Drama- it's just not necessay in life, why must people be miserable and try to take from other people to make them miserable. Everyone needs to live in peace and harmony! Imagine by John Lennon is playing in my head! I have decided to just sit back and not involve myself in anything dramatic in any way even if it means holding my tounge sometimes!

High Fiber Bars- They have caused me too much tummy trouble I need to cut it down to once in a while!

Hot and Humid Weather- It has been nothing but disgusting here lately I am done with it! We never get a spring and summer is like living in an earthly sauna!

Loreal 360 Cleanser- FOR ME (my opinion) it was not working and I think breaking me out so I had to switch it up to anther Loreal Cleanser which is I think (knock on wood) working better

*disclaimer these are my opinions and I am entitled to my opinion U can agree or disagree with me that's ok I am just talking it out here!


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