Friday, August 13, 2010


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So I've done some Beauty Shopping Lately on Ebay and More!!!

I placed a few orders/bids on ebay as I mentioned before fora several items and I have a mixed bag of review on them.

First of all ebay and make up is a tricky thing! Alot of the MAC stuff is fake and u need to beware and some of the make up sellers!! I have delt with  one that,while they have high reviews they have been nasty to deal with! I ordered one MAC Cream Shadows palette, which i have a feeling was fake, from an Ebayer SHOPSMART2525, so beware on that! They did refund my paypal money but it took 13 days to get it back and they never sent me the product tho they claimed to have proof it was sent, they never furnished said proof, I think they never sent it and I think they just expected me to go away! So I got most of my momney back but they took out some fee which I did not appreciate and I will not ever do business again they also refused to give me my money back til I agreed to cancel the transaction on ebay and make it like it never happened therefore I cannot leave feedback! It was a mess!!!!!

Another thing is before when I use to ebay like 4 yrs ago when i paid for an item right away which I do via paypal I'd gegt my item fast cause the seller had their money, but the last 6 transactions I had the shipping took over 3 weeks! I don't find that good business! It's like I hadned u over my money right away and U get to keep it for 3 weeks and then give me my product!  No I don't like this and I think I am gonna go back to just looking for harder to find items on  Amazon Marketplace and if I can't find it Oh well not ment to be!!!

Share with me any experiences u guys have had negative or positive and if there are some great sellers out there please tell me I will buy again if they are recommened by u!

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